Giants players rally around G.M. Dave Gettleman after lymphoma diagnosis

Giants players got a brief heads-up Tuesday, with coach Pat Shurmur calling an unscheduled meeting after practice to tell them General Manager Dave Gettleman had been diagnosed with lymphoma. And the surprise was palpable. Gettleman said in his statement he planned to continue to work through his Baseball Jerseys For Sale treatments, which will begin […]

Joining the 11-win Carolina Panthers from a year ago, boasting an annual MVP contender under center like Cam Newton, means high expectations for rookies. 

The task for No. 24 pick D.J. Moore is simple: Take that 6’0, 210-pound frame with 4.42 40-yard dash speed and a silly 132-inch broad jump and go out and win a starting gig.  The Maryland product will have to rip some playing time from somebody like Torrey Smith or 2017 second-round pick Curtis Samuel, but it […]

Vincent feared that the 15-yard pass interference penalty would replace touchdowns with penalties.

He’s right. Let’s use a bad pass interference call like Ken Crawley’s foul against a stumbling Stefon Diggs in the Vikings-Saints playoff game as an example. Replace the spot foul with a 15-yard penalty, and defenders like Crawley either tackle Diggs if he fears getting beat, or receivers like Diggs start flopping after incidental contact, […]