NBA Draft 2018: Kevin Knox pressed about his nonexistent child in combine interview

One of the low points of any sport’s draft season is a scout playing armchair psychologist during prospect interviews with wildly inappropriate questions.

Former Kentucky forward Kevin Knox was the latest victim of this tactic when an unnamed team questioned him about his nonexistent child.

Even if Doncic only becomes an average 3-point shooter, his ability to keep defenders on his hip coming out of ball screens and knock down floaters over big men should make him dangerous enough out of the pick-and-roll. Plus, his elite court vision and size make him a threat to find teammates all over the court:

Similar to Ayton, Doncic faces defensive question marks. It’s something we wrote about back in November and continue to be concerned by, but his ceiling outcome as a primary initiator should overwhelm the defensive lapses in terms of contributions on the court, and his team defense, particularly his ability to generate steals, should still be valuable.

Mack has also spent time with the 76ers, Hawks and Jazz during his seven-year NBA career.

The Magic finished 2017-18 with a 25-57 record and missed the playoffs for a sixth straight season.

Dallas is said to be a big fan of Luka Doncic, but with the Slovenian and a number of the other bigs off the board, the team settles in on Bamba here. The 7-footer has the potential to be a monster pick-and-roll partner with point guard Dennis Smith Jr. in the future. His 7-10 wingspan also gives him plenty of defensive upside.

Perhaps the Mavericks explore some trade options here, but if they end up making the pick and the top four falls like so, Bamba could be the pick.

The latest reporting suggests Young will be the selection for Orlando absent anything strange happening in the top five. Although the 6-2 point guard doesn’t fit the traditional package of Cheap Jerseys Throwback length and athleticism the team’s new front office has historically looked for, he fills a position of significant need.

Young’s elite shooting and playmaking will be a welcome sight for an offense Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys that sorely needs it.

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