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When you’re a playoff team, you’re trying to eliminate all the distractions that you can.

And we’re going to be a playoff team and we’re going to have these issues, Ballard said, via Stephen Holder of the Indy Star. It becomes a slippery slope. We have rules in place for a reason. I think they’re good rules. It gives you a chance to interview and then, after the season, whatever happens, happens. In our case, he changed his mind and we moved on.

If the Colts were not vociferously going after a rule change, it’s easy to see why the rest of the ownership group would stick with the status quo.

The Colts rebounded by hiring Frank Reich, and the situation could very well work out better for Indy in the long run.

By tabling the proposal until May’s owners’ meeting, the league might look at changing the rule again, but if it receives as little support as it did in Orlando, a change in the hiring process won’t be happening anytime soon.

We’re so early on in this process. I don’t have a clear understanding as to where we’re going to go, Giants co-owner John Mara said during a break the other day. But we’re having discussions that we’ve never had before.

The timing’s not a coincidence either. The Supreme Court is expected to rule soon, maybe next week, on whether or not to legalize sports betting in New Jersey. If it goes through, the floodgates could open nationwide. The NFL knows it has to be ready. In this week’s Game Plan, we’ll cover everything from the league meeting—looking again at the new targeting-like rule; the Odell Beckham situation; the rebuild-on-the-fly in Miami; the coaches’ continued effort to flip the offseason work rules upside down; and what exactly to make the Panthers’ sale. We’re starting with a topic that many of the owners assembled here disagree with, but everyone knows is, as one league source put it, a big f—ing Cheap Jerseys Cn deal. Whether they regard it that way because of old integrity-of-the-game concerns or new business opportunities, there is no question that it was as compelling Cheap Jerseys Elite a topic as any the league put on the table this week. It’s a very complicated issue, Chiefs CEO Clark Hunt told me. We don’t know what the supreme court is going to do.

Alex Rodriguez gives bold take on 2018 Yankees

Here comes the hype train.

As spring training ends and the regular season gets set to begin, predictions and bold claims will come out about each team and contender.

In case you forgot: The 2009 Yankees had one of the best infields (A-Rod, Derek Jeter, Robinson Cano, Mark Teixeira) of all time, won 103 games and took down a Phillies team in the World Series that was their for the second-straight season. That group was one of the best teams baseball has seen in the last two decades.

A quick look through the 2009 Yankees team page shows a group that had no less than nine players that can be described somewhere between lock Hall of Famers and borderline candidates.

The current team doesn’t have as many sure things, but is projected to win the AL East and compete for a championship this season. If Rodriguez is correct, it could be an even better team then some think.

Anderson had been facing nine charges, including two felonies — fleeing and eluding police with lights and sirens active (which was reduced to the misdemeanor charge of reckless driving) and threatening a public servant or family member.

The felony charge was downgraded to a misdemeanor charge due to a possible discrepancy regarding the initial estimated speed, but there is no doubt that the defendant was driving recklessly, the Broward County State Attorney’s office said in a statement to The other charges were declined, not filed, due to insufficient evidence.

Anderson’s January arrest was his second in a nine-month span. He also was arrested in May at a musical festival in Miami Beach. He was charged with resisting arrest with violence, a felony. He’s still awaiting trial, which is scheduled for Aug. 6.

According to the arrest report of the Jan. 19 incident, police alleged that Anderson blew through a traffic stop, was clocked at 105 mph in a 45 mph zone, ran two red lights and was Cheap Jerseys AUStralia all over the roadway before stopping. Once in custody, police alleged, he refused to get in the back of the police vehicle and, once he was in the car, used profanity Cheap Jerseys Bulk and made a sexual reference to the officer’s wife.

Vincent feared that the 15-yard pass interference penalty would replace touchdowns with penalties.

He’s right. Let’s use a bad pass interference call like Ken Crawley’s foul against a stumbling Stefon Diggs in the Vikings-Saints playoff game as an example. Replace the spot foul with a 15-yard penalty, and defenders like Crawley either tackle Diggs if he fears getting beat, or receivers like Diggs start flopping after incidental contact, hoping officials are less reluctant to award 15 yards on a borderline call than 34 yards.

The NCAA hasn’t gotten the message yet. The NFL may finally be onto the fact that turning every catch into a senate confirmation hearing is detrimental to the game, especially when most fans are dissatisfied with the results.

Let ’em play. Let us watch them play. It’s pretty simple when you don’t go out of the way to overcomplicate things.

As he stepped in front of a hoard of reporters eager to ask questions about Odell Beckham’s future with the Giants, Gettleman tried to cut off questions at the pass with a prepared statement.

Here is what he said:

Before I start, I just want to read a statement to you guys. I just want to make a couple of comments. Please, I’m not talking down to anybody.

There are 53 guys on every active NFL roster. Football is the ultimate team game. Eleven guys go out there, and they blow the whistle. If you are on defense and 10 guys do it right and 1 guy does it wrong, you are looking at touchdown. Same thing on the other side of the ball. It’s the ultimate team game.

Every decision we make will be in the best interest of the New York Football Giants. I want you guys to understand something: I’m not going to discuss any aspect of contracts. I’m not going Cheap Ireland Football Jerseys to talk timelines, progress. I’m not going there. I didn’t do it in Cheap Jerseys 90 Carolina. I ain’t doing it up here. Plain and simple. OK