Bud Dupree said it felt like Harrison went to the Patriots just to spit in Coach Tomlin and Mr. Rooney’s face.

The reaction from the Steelers’ locker room was jarring after learning veteran linebacker James Harrison would sign with the Patriots following his release from Basketball Jerseys Cheap Pittsburgh.

Harrison responded to all of the criticism by issuing a very lengthy statement Friday on Instagram just days after his former teammates slammed him for his recent decision.

Center Maurkice Pouncey said Harrison erased his own legacy here, while adding He wanted to go. … He needs to come out and admit that.

Now that the dust has settled a bit, Harrison defended himself by posting a series of pictures with a typed out message on his Instagram account.

Steph makes everybody shoot better, Kerr said. It’s crazy.

Curry’s return came five days too late for the mega Christmas Day matchup with the rival Cleveland Cavaliers. He said he desperately wanted to give it a go against the Cavs but knew he wasn’t 100 percent. Still, Curry said it was a frustrating experience.

It was weird because [that game] was right in that little in-between zone of assessing my body and knowing I wasn’t going to be 100 percent, but I could be well enough to play and not be in jeopardy of reinjuring myself, he said. I had that on my radar from the time I got hurt, because I knew it was eight games from that New Orleans game to the Cleveland game and wanting to play because of how special it is to play on Christmas Day and obviously knowing who we were playing against.

You can ask Coach Q [assistant Bruce Fraser], that was probably my worst pregame workout. I had no inspiration at all. I was out there mad the whole time because I wasn’t suiting up. So I actually quit, stopped my workout like halfway through. … If it wasn’t Christmas Day, it probably wouldn’t have been that hard to sit out because I wasn’t ready.

Klay Thompson added 21 points and was 5-for-11 from downtown against Memphis. Durant Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping chipped in 20 points, five boards and nine assists.

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