Thomas ranked in the 92.4 percentile with an average of 1.22 points per spot-up possession last season

Iverson always said that when he stepped on a basketball court and knew he wasn’t the best player in the world, he didn’t want to play any more. That’s how he knew when it was time to retire. He said his ego, his pride and his belief in his talent wouldn’t allow him to continue playing.

When asked if playing in the Big3 brought back any memories from his NBA career, Iverson brought up the frustrations of that feeling, of knowing that Cheap Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping he isn’t the best player in the world.

Thomas ranked in the 92.4 percentile with an average of 1.22 points per spot-up possession last season, and it made up 13.8 percent of his offense in total. Hayward was almost as accurate in those situations, ranking in the 84.1 percentile with 1.14 points per spot-up possession.

With Thomas leading the league in points scored off drives last season, having Hayward spot-up on the perimeter while Al Horford either cuts to the basket or makes himself available for a jump shot outside of the paint would obviously force defenses to make incredibly tough decisions in the half court.

Simply running Hayward off the 3-point line isn’t an option for the defense, either. If defenders are overly aggressive with their closeouts, he can put the ball on the floor and make plays for himself and others off the dribble. Almost a quarter of his offense came at the rim last season, where he made 69.2 percent of his attempts.

Why he’s here: Father Time is undefeated, as the old saying goes, and he seems to finally be catching up to Pujols. While he’s still a smart, dangerous hitter at times, Pujols has seen his overall numbers plummet this year to career lows virtually Cheap Youth Basketball Jerseys across the board. And he still has four years left on his contract. Yeesh.

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