I packed up all my stuff drove from LA to Louisiana

McCoil remembers thinking it was over, but that fleeting thought didn’t last. He found out about a CFL tryout in Atlanta, but transportation was the question. McCoil tells what happened next knowing every detail.

“I packed up all my stuff drove from LA to Louisiana, but when I get to Houston, my car broke down,” McCoil said. “I took the bus to Louisiana to use my stepdad’s car Cheap Stitched Jerseys to get to Atlanta for the last CFL tryout.”

So, that path runs from Los Angeles to Lutcher, La., via bus from Houston, then to Atlanta. McCoil took advantage of the next stop in Edmonton. He earned Most Outstanding Rookie honors in 2014 after compiling 67 tackles and six interceptions. He helped the Eskimos win the Grey Cup the following season.

“That was a great experience in Canada,” McCoil said. “I’m thankful for the opportunity and was excited to be part of a team that won the Grey Cup.”
Viewers got no taste of that in these eight episodes. And the show really suffers because of it.

There’s probably more footage of the coaches doing their job than the players. It’s unintentionally revealing. The coaching staff’s leadership cadre looks and feels out of place with modern players. Defensive coordinator Gregg Williams has one tone: pissed off. Offensive coordinator Rob Boras yells a lot too, but it doesn’t help his unit score more points.

Players are smarter than the coaches give them credit for and have been more empowered as individuals to respond well to being screamed at by old guys.

Fisher is sympathetic to his players. It’s not hard to see why he’s got a good reputation among his former players. His “us against them” approach has its limits as a motivational approach. At some point you have to establish some accountability for what happens on the field, not just Cheap Throwback NFL Jerseys make excuses.

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