Why Zach Orr is coming back, and why he still respects Ravens

It didn’t take Zachary Orr long to believe he made a mistake by retiring from the NFL because of a medical issue.

What transpires for the rest of his career will show Cheap Steelers Jerseys whether the Baltimore Ravens erred by letting one of their top young linebackers walk away.

Orr is attempting to resume playing six months after being diagnosed with a congenital spine deformity. He visited Detroit on Thursday and followed with a Friday trip to Indianapolis. Another journey to the New York Jets was set if Orr doesn’t sign with the Lions or Colts beforehand.

Saves are a flawed measure for relievers (they’re team- and situation-dependent), though they still determine much about how relievers are viewed in terms of all-time greatness.

Saves show Henke to have been among the best closers in baseball history. But there are plenty of other ways to measure his effectiveness. Debuting with the Rangers in 1982, he struggled with control in the early part of his career before the Blue Jays picked him up before the 1985 season.

With Toronto, Henke would go on to have some of the best years of his career and become renowed for his strikeout-to-walk ratio.

“I think it had to do with good mechanics,” Henke said when asked about this ratio. “I think all good pitching starts with delivering the ball properly to the plate with the least amount of effort.”

He added, “I was very fortunate to have some people in Toronto and Texas — but mainly in Toronto — that kind of tweaked and adjusted my mechanics and really got me in the strike zone (more) Cheap Throwback NBA Jerseys than I’d ever, ever been in my career. I know (Blue Jays pitching coach) Al Widmar told me at one point that for a power pitcher, I had as good of control as anybody he’d ever seen.”

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