5 ways to bring a little NFL to your Fourth of July

Sometimes it can seem like there’s no middle ground for patriotism in the U.S. The boisterous flag-wavers are accused of jingoism, while anyone who dares find fault in the good ol’ US of A is handed a map to Canada and told to get out.

But then there’s the Fourth of July.

Right now the league has eight teams: 3 Headed Monsters, 3’s Company, Ball Hogs, Ghost Ballers, Killers 3s, Power, Tri-State and Trilogy. There are individual players — e.g. Iverson, Bibby, Brian Scalabrine, Rashard Lewis — who will undoubtedly receive attention from fans and media across the Cheap Softball Jerseys For Men country, so the league needs to find a way to compose and promote its rosters so that fans become loyal to one or two teams and even root against one or two in a WWE-esque fashion.

This will by no means be a quick and easy process. Part of the league’s success will hinge on continuing to draw popular ex-NBA players and keeping them healthy.

This list is in no particular order, but Didi Gregorius would still be first regardless. No other player here was given the unenviable task of supplanting an icon in New York.

With massive Jumpman Jordan cleats to fill, Gregorius has excelled since taking over as the Yankees’ shortstop. He took some time to get acclimated in 2015 but looked more and more comfortable as the year went on. Last season, the lefty swinger became a middle of the order threat, belting 20 home runs while hitting an outstanding .320 against southpaw pitching.

After missing almost all of April, Sir Didi is putting it all together this season. In 57 games he has 10 home runs, 36 RBIs and a .310/.333/.489 slash line. On the other side Cheap Throwback Jerseys of the ball, Gregorius possesses one of the strongest arms in the game to go with a sure glove hand.

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