All personal fouls are recorded as team fouls

Ice Cube, co-founder Jeff Kwatinetz and president and commissioner Roger Mason Jr. have managed to develop unique rules.

The first team to reach 60 points wins, but the team must win by two Cheap Softball Jerseys For Girls points. All personal fouls are recorded as team fouls, meaning no foul-outs.

Two-point and 3-point shots still apply, but a 4-point shot has been added. Three circles will be added beyond the 3-point line; a player’s feet must be touching one of the circles for him to be credited with a 4-pointer.

That’s one of the reasons why the Celtics are now considered to be in the running to sign Hayward. Beyond having an opportunity to play for his former college head coach Brad Stevens, Hayward wouldn’t have to make a big sacrifice financially to be on a team fresh off an appearance in the Eastern Conference finals. The Jazz are in an equally promising position with their young core and depth, but the Celtics can offer Hayward a slightly easier road to the NBA Finals at a similar price as long as he’s prepared to share the spotlight with Isaiah Thomas.

The last part is important because Hayward has developed into a No. 1 option in Utah, and he would be joining a team that currently revolves almost entirely around Thomas. Hayward led the Jazz in points, assists, field goal attempts, 3-point attempts and usage in 2016-17, and Thomas did the same for the Celtics, only on much greater volume across the board.

Even though Hayward played alongside an All-Star caliber point guard in George Hill last season, Hill only appeared in 49 games due to injury. Plus, Hill has spent most of his career sharing the court with other elite talents — Tim Duncan in San Antonio, Paul George in Indiana and Hayward in Cheap Throwback Basketball Jerseys Utah — so he is used to having the ball in his hands far less than Thomas is.

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