What would an NFL version of the Chris Paul-Rockets trade look like?

The NBA’s free agent season hasn’t officially started yet, but one of the league’s biggest dominoes has already fallen. The Houston Rockets have reportedly acquired Chris Paul from the Clippers, likely shutting the window on Los Angeles’ slim title hopes. In exchange for trading the All-NBA point guard before he could opt out of his contract and leave as a free agent, the Clips got two veterans, a young forward with potential, and a late first-round draft pick.

The Mike Bibby-led Ghost Ballers defeated Allen Iverson’s 3’s Cheap Softball Jerseys Company 50-45 on a game-ending free throw as well.

The Big3 has four types of free throws, ranging from a 1-point free throw that is awarded in an and-one situation to a 4-point free throw that occurs when a player is fouled while attempting a 4-pointer. The same goes for 2- and 3-pointers, depending on where the foul occurs.

End-of-quarter plays in the NBA are among the most exciting in Cheap Texas Rangers Jerseys basketball, and while the Big3 has a point limit rather than a time limit, the league could recreate a similar game-is-on-the-line feeling in the arena by refusing to allow games to end on a free throw. The Big3 should implement this rule: If a player is fouled while shooting and the subsequent free throw would allow the offensive team to win the game, the offensive team will instead maintain possession with a new shot clock.

Arguably the most exciting play in basketball, categorically speaking, is a dunk. Due to the Big3’s halfcourt setup, combined with the increasing age and declining athleticism of the league’s players, dunks are hard to come by in the league. While I did spend time in the interview room and didn’t witness every minute of Big3 action on Sunday, I only saw one dunk.

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