what’s so smart about how the NFL is handling this?

In 2017, in a country continuing its gradual turn toward legalizing weed, and in a league with debilitating, often chronic pain at its foundation, why are players still getting Cheap Soccer Jerseys Free Shipping kicked out for an entire year? Or indefinitely? Or, in practical terms, forever?

By now, we should be way past the “they have almost all year to use without penalty” argument. And the “the drug test is an IQ test” argument. And the “he deserves a year just for being so dumb” argument.

Because, honestly, what’s so smart about how the NFL is handling this?

Some within the NFL, even some high up the food chain, have been asking for a while if and how the marijuana policy should be tweaked, fixed or overhauled.

What’s going on this offseason, though, should spur them to start asking different questions. And it should get the people they work for — the owners and commissioner Roger Goodell — to ask them, too.

Above and beyond the concerns about Peterson’s age (32) and recent injury history is the fact that he’s never played in an offense that uses backs the way the Saints do, and the Saints have never used a back the way Peterson has been used. In hooking up this season, both sides decided, “Yeah, so what?”

The adventure will be meshing what Peterson does best with Mark Ingram, who keeps proving how valuable an all-around back he is when healthy. Peterson has had two 40-reception seasons in his career; Ingram has had two in the last two seasons, including 2015, when he tore his rotator cuff and missed the final month.

For extra spice, they caught fast, versatile rookie Alvin Kamara when he slid to the third round; many predictions had him as one of the elite backs in the Cheap Team Jerseys draft. Those who miss the McAllisters, Bushes and Pierre Thomas of olden days will love Kamara.

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